Freedom in Grace

Some may uplift God absent of Jesus, Spirit absent of the Redeemer, or uphold power absent of the presence of Christ. But the Word says Jesus is the image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15) and holds the authority to share confidently who He is and God bears witness of Him equally (John 8:18). For He is the door, and anyone who enters will be saved (John 10:9). Therefore, with reverence we can say in Jesus name.

Know fully we have been given access to a love beyond our comprehension, and a God that wants us to know Him in all fullness, for He did not hide His Son from us. God gave us freedom in grace and a life-changing stress reduction method in faith. Looking out and seeing the sky, see the heaven that sent down a Savior so none of us would ever be wondering again is there a God, is there love, is there eternal lifeā€¦for as we see Jesus we see the Father, we experience love and thru Him there is everlasting life (John 3:15,16,18, 35-36). The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One, and His gift of grace is freedom that extends to all those who trust in that truth. It allows you to be assured that you are forgiven and made new, and as His, nothing can remove that from you.

“All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made,” (John 1:3 NKJ).

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