Prayer Breaks Chains

“May my prayer be set before You like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice,” Psalm 141:2

My Lord, my Savior and King. Thank you for Your Word. You show us when to stay and when to go (Exodus 40:36-37), and I pray Holy Spirit to be led by You each day. Direct my steps, guide the matters of my heart, prioritize for me. Speak to me dear Lord of when You desire me to move and act, and when You desire my rest. My trust is in You, thanks I give to Jesus. – Amen-

Heavenly Father, such peace that You know me. Admitting my brokenness is hard, but through You not only does the extraordinary become possible; but you provide the strength and courage to bring it all to Your alter and feet. The forgiveness of sins is only made possible through Jesus, so help me to cling to Christ and fellowship in light with Him, even during the simplest moments of my life. – Amen-

My Lord God, You are my daily bread. Thank You Jesus for filling my life and spirit with You. Thank You for showing me how real and true You are; as Your love surrounds me in every way. Bless all those who have extended their genuine kindness to others, and continue to give me a heart for people, as I know You love them all. – Amen-


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