Beautiful Counsel

Criticism and judgment are overwhelming trends, and plainly exhausting for the person doing the criticizing and judging, as much for the person subjected to taking it in. There is a better method in the lightness and ease of resting in the yoke of Jesus, when even our small burdens are given unto Him. Let loose meaningless habits of sharing unproductive negativity; let God be the judge, and let God offer out His voice on a matter through use of the whole counsel of God. Be submerged in building up: in the beauty of His patience, His love, redemption and mercy, His grace, His provision, healing and forgiveness, His peace and presence, His gifts, blessings, understanding, wisdom and renewal.

An awesome ministry is to serve others with the joy of the Lord, and a healthy perspective over areas of change, providing a life-giving message and restoring hope where it may have been lost. Rejoice God is restorative. There may be times you may need to speak to someone about something critical, but double check the heart source of that criticism. Is it to prove a point or lift up personal ego, cast fear or a shadow of doom? Seek the Lord before correcting, search your heart, and allow God to reveal your motives before jolting someone’s day with what is wrong, “For the Holy Spirit will teach you that very hour what you ought to say,” (Luke 12:12) when the Lord is your teacher.

“For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy name,” Psalm 33:21 NKJ).

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