Our Hurt Rest in His Hope

In the ache of bad news and impenetrable moments, there are so many things to list that a person would cling to, or attempt to discover with a hope to reveal all the necessary answers. Though the remarkable quality of Jesus is that His love and power is so enormous that He knowing all, knew we would need help when faced with overwhelming events. Therefore, He became an example and gave us provisions through His word.

Jesus said focus on me, follow me. loose yourself, take up your cross and do not fear, and I am with you. This leaves us doing one key thing in the storm. Clinging to Him with submission to Him and acting in obedience, regardless of what is in front of us. Our Lord experienced deep sorrow (Matthew 26:37-38), even falling down on His face crying out, “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me,” (Matthew 26:39a). Knowing He would be in indescribable pain, tortured, and die, to bear the sins of the world, separated from the Father; along with the loss of the tangible human relationships He had formed (family, friends). Then additionally in all submission He added, “nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will,” (Matthew 26:39b). The ultimate demonstration of obedience.

When you begin to loose heart, read the Word of God. When you are drawn to worldly solutions for your despair, pray more and worship Christ instead. When your faith is struggling, know that He is faithful for us (2 Timothy 2:13). and if you are faced with an end, fall to your face and rejoice knowing He promised no more pain, no more tears and no more sorrow (Revelation 21:4). Praise God He is with us, and His presence and promises are real.

“though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered,” (Hebrews 5:8 NKJ)




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