Light Driven

There can be so much expectation from others to be a certain way, do as others have predetermined as acceptable, or have a look approved by society. However, I just want to stand up right and know that my time is well spent and my heart strives for the greater good. His good, the Lord’s, no one else. That doesn’t necessarily make me popular, but it definitely leads to being more fulfilled. Peter said, “…which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts;” (2 Peter 1: 19). The pursuit of Jesus leads to change, renewal and a passion centered around love. It restores the souls of the lost and hurting, and allows hearts to seek goodness even when all around attempts to convince us otherwise. There is no perfect me, but the better me is reflected when, “my heart is overflowing with a good theme,” (Psalm 45:1). A theme purposed by God, to love His Son, and commit to pleasing Him. Is there risk of not being accepted by people? Most certainly. Though, Jesus came not for man’s approval but to save them. The attention on the Light, and shining the Light toward the better outcome…His truth and expectation; not reasoning (Luke 5:22-25) but believing, and living in that belief….That is time well spent.

“…hearing of your love and faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and toward all the saints, that the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgement of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus” Philemon v.5-6 NKJ.

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