Tamika J. Harris (Mika J.) gives credit to God for being her everything. Having faith in a loving God has been the director of growth, change and contentment in her life. Mika has a love for people (in spite of the hurt people may cause), and a desire to see people know their worth and value, be cared for and appreciated. This site, serves as a expression of her prayers, quiet moments with the Creator, and inspiration to build others faith, dedicated to her children who she raised as a single mom; and her beautiful family.

Specifically for single mommies, women and young gals be encouraged and reminded God reaches out to you so, “Dear woman of God know He never leaves you nor forsakes you.” Jesus will stand in front of you to guard you, visit you in any place, turn around for you when you reach for Him, provide for your needs, and speak with you about what you hold dear. Mika cherishes that we each have not just a story, but stories, and all are important.

Healing Testimony of God’s Merciful Love to Remove a Debilitating IllnessĀ 

After years of consistent physical decline, Mika was clinically diagnosed in 2011 with multiple sclerosis and is now fully symptom free. As God’s heart called to her heart, she ran towards Him in need of His merciful hand; relinquished herself to make room for His will and His blessing; giving all Praise to the King – for she was fully healed and the medical diagnosis was removed. (18-20 minute audio segment)


*The Lord uniquely responds to each of us and provides professional resources and medical practitioners for our well-being. Seek the advice of your physician, and follow directives from your health team, family, and support system.

(Instagram: Mik_spotlife)