MIKA is the author of FAITH LESSONS, an inspirational book on how the faithfulness of God met her in trials in order to triumph and heal. Mika’s heart has an intimate desire for the reader’s healing and to see God’s remarkable nature and reliability in one’s own life to live free, and share her own story of victory.

Embrace an on-going journey with Mika to fuel your own story as you recall your life’s events, and be given some practical tools to inspire you to share with others. View Mika’s 5 R’s for capturing your story. Subscribe to the Newsletter to go deeper and learn more.

~ Faith Lesson ~

“Let the character of God keep you standing.” Mika J. Harris

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Photo by Nadi Lindsay
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“Be swept up in wonder by the pages

of your story.”


In Faith Lessons Mika takes us on a victorious journey of her path to healing & clenching to the faithfulness of God to fuel her story through cancer, illness, single-parenting, heartache and life’s ambitions. Written to inspire those who are ready to grab a hold of something more within their spirit and not let go once obtaining it.

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